Easily manage the operations of your Vital Statistics Agency

Our configurable off-the-shelf solutions come with a wealth of inbuilt functionality

Register, Update & Search Life Events

  • Births
  • Deaths
  • Marriages
  • Stillbirths
  • Adoptions
  • Civil Partnerships
  • Divorces
  • ITOP (Induced Termination Of Pregnancy)
  • New Identities (Witness Protection)
  • Legal Name Changes (including Change of Gender)
  • Amendments and Corrections

Certificate Production

  • Create templates to match requirements of jurisdiction
  • Produce official certificates of life events
  • Include electronic signatures and seals
  • Securely produce polymer and paper Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates
  • Stock and Inventory Control
  • 2D Barcoding

Point Of Sales

  • Manage paid services such as Name Changes and Certificate orders
  • Accept cash, cheque, credit and debit payments
  • Accept orders online, in person, via phone, mail or fax
  • Generate financial reports

Store & Attach Multimedia Files

  • Scan paper-based orders, applications and registrations and store with their associated event
  • A variety of image formats, video and audio files are supported

Generate Reports

  • Create custom report templates
  • Automate and schedule reports
  • Run custom reports

Export Data & Statistics

  • Export data to a variety of customisable formats, including XML and CSV
  • Export Health Statistics data to authorised 3rd party organisations

Reduce Staff Workload and Manual Processes

Web Interfaces

Enable 3rd parties to input  birth and death information quickly, accurately and directly into your systems

Using a web browser, tablet or phone: coroners and funeral directors can input death information and health statistics and hospital staff can input birth information

Citizen Services Online

Enable citizens to order Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates online

Citizens can pay online for services and track the status of their order

Certificate Validation

Provide a Certificate Validation Service to 3rd parties

Enable government institutions or private industry such as banks and insurance agencies to check the validity of certificates presented to them in real time

Ensure the security of your system and compliance with your processes

Control User Access

  • Manage systems access based on role
  • Manage systems access based on specific user
  • Create personalised views for different users

Manage Security Processes

  • Create process workflows for staff based on requirements
  • Set automated alerts requiring actions e.g. proof of identity
  • Create flags and alerts on specific record access
  • Store Audit Trails of all system activity

Automate Fraud Detection

  • Cross match information from different sources to validate requests
  • Corroborate documents from multiple sources
  • Automatically identify duplicates
  • Create alerts for specified activities or criteria

Choose Your Database Engine

  • Our systems work on a common database platform
  • Select the database engine that works for you: SQL Server, Oracle, Vitalware Database Management System

Our solutions can be fully customised to meet your needs

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