Vital Statistics Agency, Manitoba, Canada

Costs for the purchase of Vitalware were recovered in the first year.

The public access website KE Software* implemented was extremely well received by the public.  The agency continually receives numerous compliments from the public with regard to layout and ease of searching.

KE Software rapidly responds to enhancement requests and Vitalware is flexible in response to changing government priorities.

Due to its well integrated design and Windows orientation Vitalware makes moving staff to different departments and training new staff much simpler.

With Vitalware we are now better able to manage the quality of output for certificate issuance and commemorative Birth & Marriage certificates.

          Caroline Kaus, (Former) Registrar

manitoba-logoManitoba has a population of 1.2 million people. Axiell customized Vitalware to suit the Agency’s specific needs. Approximately 5 million records, dating back to 1882, are accessed by 35 concurrent users.

The Manitoba Vital Statistics Agency handles registrations and certificate issuance from a central office in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  The Agency registers births, deaths, marriages, stillbirths, adoptions, and changes of name.  All registrations are keyed at the central office, and all certificates are issued from the central office.

Prior to using Vitalware the Agency only kept data in electronic format for registrations back to 1980.  As part of the Vitalware deployment, Axiell was responsible for loading data from the Agency’s legacy system and from a variety of archived data sources.  Registrations were keyed from paper and microfilm in order to establish complete records back to the 1800s.

The system automatically links births and deaths, and fuzzy logic is applied to match legacy birth and death information from pre-Vitalware registrations.


Since installation in 1998:

  • Costs for the purchase of Vitalware were recovered in the first year.
  • 66,000 applications are processed annually.
  • 31,000 vital events are registered annually.
  • 67,000 certificates are issued annually.

*Now Axiell